Retail sales hit 2.1 trillion yuan in 2021      阅读 


Retail sales of consumer goods reached 2.1 trillion yuan ($331.8 billion) in Anhui province in 2021, up 17.1 percent year on year, local authorities said at a press conference on Monday.

The growth brought the eastern Chinese province to the fifth place in the country and the first in the Yangtze River Delta Region, said Zhang Jian, head of the Department of Commerce of Anhui Province.

Anhui’s foreign trade value totaled $107.1 billion last year, representing a year-on-year increase of 36.1 percent. The province saw the highest growth in the region, which consists of Shanghai and provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui.

Last year, about 36,000 enterprises took part in more than 5,700 campaigns targeted at boosting consumption, with a total turnover of 30.7 billion yuan. The sales revenue of the catering sector grew 37.3 percent to 292.0 billion yuan, partly owing to stimulus activities like the Global Food Festival.

The province also launched online shopping galas such as the 426 Sci-tech Innovative Products Online Trading Festival and Anhui Good Online Goods Competition. Online retail sales rose 32.9 percent.

8,103 people visited the Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street in Hefei, capital of the province, in 2021 after it was given a facelift, up 57.9 percent from a year earlier. Its sales revenue increased 17 percent to 11.45 billion yuan.

In addition, the province stepped up efforts to expand foreign trade. 33 additional enterprises recorded more than $100 million in imports and exports last year, bringing the total number to 129, the official said.

编辑: Rita



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